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All Non-Netscaler Access Gateway – End Of Sale March 31, 2013

Citrix have finally officially announced the simplification of access gateway.. see link for more info:{3229EB80-6F29-49F0-BF32-29C6ACFE79E4}&i={713DEB80-A3E1-4E82-A18B-981471D693C8}&c={a1d6052a-7640-4252-9577-8a30c1d67543}

This information was in the grapevine for many months before but until now there was no official statement. Fortunately all access gateway VPX users will be able to upgrade at no extra cost.

Since Netscaler AGEE was available and bug fixes started to become scarce on CAG 5 / 2010 appliances it was quite obvious where this was all going, so stopping the sales of those devices and replacing it with AGEE to be safe was a great idea.

The configuration of Netscaler AGEE in NS10 is very straight forward so long as you have an understanding of how the netscaler traffic works and which IP does what 😛

Possibly a quick “Basic” config guide may be posted on here shortly 🙂


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