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Busy Few Months

It has been a busy few months for me with work and personal life. In the last few months/weeks I am happy to have the following announcements to make:

  • 2nd September – I got married to my long term partner and it was a fantastic day 🙂
  • My son turned 1year old (time has flown by)
  • I am now officially a Citrix CTA… slowly working towards CTP acceptance
  • I had my speaker slots approved for VMworld Europe:
    • VMTN6642E – GDPR: Batten the hatches its coming
    • VMTN6643E – Virtual Workspace Adoption Advice
  • Passed a number of exams (6 in total) with another 6 in the pipeline for this year
  • Won the CDW outstanding technical achievement award for the 2nd year on the run
  • Attended the CDW Presidents Trip for winning the above award

Whilst at VMworld I presented on my two topics, and thoroughly enjoyed presenting to two full sessions with additional people standing. For anybody who wants to see these please follow the links below:

I wish I had requested for a longer slot for the workspace session, in the end it wasn’t quite long enough with the team telling me to finish before I was done. Lesson learnt though, book a longer session and finish earlier, ensure slides and timing is on point.

Hoping to be accepted for a couple more speaking slots this year, and will keep you all in the loop.

Some new blogs from VMworld coming over the next week.


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