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New Year, New Plan…. 2017… Year of the?

Last year I posted my new years resolutions to the world, mainly to commit to completing as many of them as possible. I managed to keep to some of them, but some big changes happened in 2016 for myself. Normally people do their new year’s resolutions and then within 2-3months, they disappear into the ether until the next new year resolution list is compiled. Again I want to set out my new year’s resolutions on my Blog. By doing so they are publicly available, showing a commitment to myself and my followers for what I am aiming to do over the next 12months.

Firstly, I think its worthwhile recapping 2016:

  • Completed the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride for The Christie Charity (10th July 2016)
  • Organised one end user enablement networking event (included lots of beers)
  • Took part in public speaking events for CDW
  • Won a number of deals for CDW
  • Won an award at CDW during the yearly kick off

  • Completed the construction of my MAME arcade machine

  • Completed the garden office build for home working
  • Obtained Atlantis ACE and vExpert accreditations
  • I didn’t manage to complete my VCDX, write 1 blog per month etc… but there is a good reason for this;
    1. Work responsibilities
    2. More importantly I became a DAD!!! 🙂

To focus my efforts in 2017, my 2017 new year’s resolutions are as follows:

  1. Get married to my long term partner
  2. Spend time with my son and help him develop
  3. Write at least 1 blog per month
  4. Become Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect accredited
  5. Become AWS Architect accredited
  6. Present publicly at community and CDW events (aiming for 5 in total)
  7. Finish the Honda S2000 project car modifications and restoration
  8. Book the Vegas 2018 lads trip for my 30th birthday
  9. Complete and exceed my CDW PDP objectives
  10. Complete Tough Mudder, Manchester to Blackpool bike ride and keep healthy
  11. Gain a seat as an advisory member of a board (NED, this one could be tough)

I have a few more objectives but thought naming these would be a good start 🙂

Happy New Year to you all, wish you all the best for 2017.

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