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The New External Brand & My Plans!

For 2019, I have challenged myself to get more engaged with the community and to provide insights, opinions and content from the wonderful industry I work in. To deliver this new content I have decided to create a new external brand to which I can deliver my content. I am happy to announce that the brand is almost complete and will be based on the Mr Tech Talk domain name(s) and custom logos I have created.

To some, creating an external brand may sound easy and kind of pointless, but for those that know me I like to do things to the best of my ability. Therefore, to provide the “user experience” I decided to start my blog from scratch.

The plan for the site is to provide the following:

  • Written blogs and detailed reviews
  • Links to YouTube content created
  • Countdown and calendar information for events I will be attending
  • Any upcoming public speaking slots/engagements you can see me at

The plan is to drive more content through the YouTube channel, as times have changed and people like to listen and watch, rather than read. For those that want to read there will be blogs too!

The YouTube channel will be focussing on the following video series over the next 12 months:

  • How you got into IT and why
    • Providing insights into the various roles in the industry and how people have progressed and pivoted over the years. Hopefully the up and coming talent can find this useful in shaping their mindset and approaches to their careers in the IT industry.
  • Preparing for Interviews
    • Tips and advice from industry experts, managers and recruitment consultants on how to approach interviews, preparation advice and how to tackle the unusual questions!
  • Business challenges seen by vendors & business leaders
    • Series of interviews outlining the market trends, where businesses are struggling across various verticals and how technology is helping them or not. This series will be focussed on vendor and real-life business leaders on the ground.
  • Emerging technology discussions with industry experts
    • Series of sessions discussing what is new, where it fits and why people should be interested. Think of this as the blue sky and innovative options available.
  • Demystifying IT
    • This series will be aimed at answering the questions of confusion and removing the potential FUD in the marketplace.
  • Conference Updates
    • Based on the conferences I get to attend with my Job at CDW, I will be documenting what I have learnt, the value of the conference(s) and how it could impact the industry.

I welcome anybody that would like to take part in any of the above series of videos. I already have almost 50 people signed up, but more the merrier! Also, if there are topics, approaches or technologies you would like me to provide an opinion or find an expert who can, let me know and I will endeavour to get you that content. Similarly, if you want somewhere to post your content to drive additional traffic to your own sites, let me know and I am happy to have guest contributors.

One final piece is I have also prepared the brand to branch out providing a “women in technology” opinion and voice, that will be looking to launch later in the year, and I welcome any women in technology to get in touch if you want to be involved.

From a timeframe perspective, you will see blogs being released frequently as of now! … with a view of video series starting mid-April.

Thanks for reading, and I welcome your feedback.

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