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Virtual Meeting Etiquette with Video

We all have that special someone that joins a virtual meeting completely forgetting that their session is set to auto start webcam, and everyone then gets to see something they didn’t want too 🙂

Hopefully that hasn’t happened to anyone, BUT, with the rise of remote working due to current global situation(s) the likelihood of something like this occurring is significantly higher.

It is key in my opinion, that when working remotely and especially from home, to turn up to your meetings. Not just virtually but as close to physically as you can, and the easiest form of doing this is by enabling your webcam and video capabilities.

Below are some tips when agreeing, and attending virtual meetings with video.

      1. Get dressed for work, don’t sit in your PJs all day

That way if you have to attend an ad-hoc meeting you are ready and not scrambling for your clothes!

      2. Stay seated and present

It is tempting to look at your emails, browse amazon etc when on a virtual meeting. You wouldn’t do this in a F2F so why do it on a virtual!

Leave your keyboard and mouse alone!

      3. Be aware of your surroundings!

In a lot of virtual meeting products you can enable virtual background or blur background capabilities. This can disguise your home or currently under construction living space 🙂

      4. Be aware of your body language

Sit up straight, don’t make big excessive movements and try not to let your eyes wander too much. It makes it look like you are disengaged.

      5. Mute your microphone when not talking

Helps prevent unnecessary home related noises from distracting the meeting.

      6. Announce yourself when you join

Make people aware you are there and ready, nobody likes a stealth joiner who attends and leaves without being noticed.

      7. No food allowed

Eat any food or snacks before your meeting. Your meeting attendees don’t want to watch or hear you eat.

      8. Don’t interrupt speakers

Try not to interrupt people, as it can be hard to understand when someone is finished or not. Wait for that extended moment of pause or message in the chat window if you want to say something…. Some software has a raise hand option so people know you have something to say without interrupting.

      9. Test your equipment

Worst scenario is you join and end up shouting down your microphone due to misconfigured microphone volumes etc. test and make sure the level is set appropriately.

      10. Set expectations of any interruptions

Yes you may be working from home in an active household with children, pets etc… let people know something may occur as this is not your usual place of work. People will understand and it is not too bad. May even make some comedy value to your meeting.


I hope you found some of the points above useful. Stay Safe!

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