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Wyse PC Extender not installing


So this is my first post, shame it isn’t the most interesting but its a neat little fix obtained and tested over the past couple of weeks.

Over the past month, I have been installing and testing Wyse PC Extender on a number of different machines makes and models.

As Wyse have only tested PC Extender on a small amount of machines and the site is ambiguous with the statement of :

most enterprise level desktop PC’s

 they offer you the chance to download a free trial version which is valid for 30 Days to check if your PC’s are compatible. In my eyes if you have a broad estate with lots of machine models this could take a while to complete, also if you can’t get PC Extender working Wyse generally ask you to install the Suse Enterprise Server or Desktop OS onto one of those machines to see if it works. If it does then they can ask for the models to be sent to them for testing…but then again there is no guarantees.

Initial testing showed that over 50% of the models did not work with the PC Extender Linux drivers either due to graphics driver or audio. (Being the main 2 problems)

After weeks of pestering Wyse/Dell I was given a very simple fix that managed to get 99% of the models I was testing working.

When you install WYSE PC Extender please select the reboot later option and then browse to C:unetbin and open menu.lst within notepad. About 3 lines down create a new line and enter fastboot=0. Save the file and then reboot to start the PC Extender Suse Linux OS.

 As mentioned this is a quick easy fix and helped me with my models.


when you enable the fastboot=0 option, I found it added a couple of seconds to the launch of the Suse Linux OS. This is because it is now scanning all the embedded drivers and not just a subset of common working Linux drivers. 

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4 thoughts on “Wyse PC Extender not installing”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the info… Did you have the chance to see if Wyse PC Extender can work with Vmware Horizon View 5.x?

    Thank U in advance

  2. Could you please provide a brief description of the tests you did? (RDP, Citrix or VMware infrastructure? What about local & remote Printing?)


  3. Hi Coquin,

    unfortunately i didnt get chance to test with View, but i cannot see why it wouldnt work. This article ( ) sounds like the pc extender hasnt been updated for the latest view client.

    the tests i did was Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop access with and without smart card. local remote printing worked fine when USB passthrough was enabled on the Citrix policies as this opens a virtual channel direct to the session. i also tested audio and different display resolutions, all of which seemed to work with no issues. The customer i did this for have over 1000 users now connected with no major issues logged with myself

    The fix in this article outlines how to get more devices working with PCExtender.


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