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2016 New Years Resolutions… BRING IT ON

Normally people do their new year’s resolutions and then within 2-3months, they disappear into the ether until the next new year resolution list is compiled. This year I want to set out my new year’s resolutions on my Blog. By doing so they are publicly available, showing a commitment to myself and my followers for what I am aiming to do over the next 12months.

Firstly, I think its worthwhile recapping my top 5 highlights of 2015. I hadn’t created a resolution list but was still quite a successful year.

  1. Got engaged to my long term partner
  2. Secured my job as an SA at Kelway (a CDW company)
  3. Completed a number of vendor accreditations furthering my knowledge
  4. Finished the Tough Mudder challenge for the 2nd year running, improving my overall fitness and lost a total of 3 stone (19kg)
  5. Improved my social reach on twitter/linkedin and kickstarted the blog site

As a progression on from my 2015 highlights, my 2016 new year’s resolutions are as follows:

  1. Complete the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride for The Christie Charity (10th July 2016)
  2. Obtain my VCDX by the end of 2016
  3. Write at least 1 blog per month
  4. Organise at least one end user enablement networking event
    1. Very much like VMUG, CUCG etc. but with a mix of tech & industry trends, washed down with a good beer or two!
  5. Take part in at least two community based public speaking events on my specialist area(s)
  6. Complete my diabetic diary application for IOS
  7. Complete the construction of my MAME arcade machine
  8. Ensure the wedding planning is complete (..well my parts)
  9. Complete the renovation of the house
  10. Train in the gym or complete a cardio exercise (minimum of 3 days a week)

If you want to help or start a user group for any of the above, feel free to give me a shout.

Happy New Year to you all, wish you all the best for 2016.

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